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Our Las Vegas real estate team would like to provide you with some additional pointers as you prepare for the process of purchasing a Las Vegas home. The real estate market in Las Vegas is getting larger and more complicated every week. With so many choices, and so much to consider, how do you go about narrowing things down?

A good place to start is by simply making a list of personal priorities. How many bedrooms would you like? Do you need a home office? Is a three car garage necessary? If you have kids, how close would you like to be to schools? Making a list of priorities and specific needs brings you a step closer to finding the Las Vegas home that suits you best.

Another great time saver and financial tool is to calculate how much mortgage you can comfortably afford. Generally speaking, most lenders try to keep your mortgage payment at about 30% of your monthly gross income. That said, everyone's situation is different, and your lender should do his best to tailor the loan to your individual needs and parameters. The main thing is to take seriously the financial obligation you're assuming. Getting caught in a bind could force you to sell a house that you just recently bought. Nothing could be worse than that.

Next, think seriously about the choice between a re-sale home and a brand new Las Vegas home. For comparable homes, re-sale is generally cheaper than new. However, it's important to factor in the cost of any maintenance issues that a re-sale property may require. The Las Vegas Home real estate team can help you to analyze the pros and cons of each choice as pertains to specific properties. We're with you all the way, and we'll sort it out together.

Believe it or not, a professional home inspection is a critical aspect of the purchase process even if you buy a brand new Las Vegas home. A professionally licensed inspector will check the home for everything you can think of and lots of things that would never occur to you at all. A thorough inspection is designed to alert you to existing problems with the home that may have escaped your attention. Please don't ever waive your right to an inspection by a properly licensed professional.

The stability and future success of the Southern Nevada economy can and does influence the future value of your Las Vegas home. The Las Vegas economy has provided a solid foundation for the tremendous growth in the Las Vegas real estate market. Economic conditions should be a very important factor in your decision making process. Our Las Vegas real estate team would be happy to assist you in analyzing this important factor as you consider Las Vegas as a potential residence.

The purchase of a Las Vegas home is a complicated process that requires one to consider a multitude of issues simultaneously. Fitzpatrick and Associates is fully capable and completely prepared to guide you through the myriad of issues that attend the home buying process. Please feel free to put our professional services at your disposal.

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