Las Vegas Property Management Plan Overview

At Red Rock Canyon Property Management, our goal is to provide top quality service for one flat monthly amount. We don’t like “surprise” or “extra” charges, and we know you don’t either.
Below is an overview of our services and fees.

  • No Management fees are charged while the property is vacant.
  • We do not charge 50% of the first mont's rent for placing a tenant.
  • We do not tack on a sur-charge for service or repairs scheduled.
  • Once a tenant is in the property, a flat monthly fee of ten percent (10%) on rents collected is charged.
  • A referral fee may be charged for securing a new tenant through the MLS (up to $300.00).
  • No markup is applied to maintenance and repair invoices paid on behalf of the owner, only the actual costs are passed on.*
  • A monthly statement is provided along with the owners rent proceeds check (copies of any expenses incurred provided on request).

rrcr property management rental agreement

New account properties must be in rentable condition. Paint, flooring, window coverings, etc. must be clean and free of major defects. Appliances and household systems must be in good working order. Red Rock Canyon Property Management may not and does not provide general contracting services.

*All bills paid on behalf of property owners by Red Rock Canyon Property Management must utilize owner’s funds. Therefore, a reserve amount of $500.00 per property is held in the owner’s account for this purpose.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our property management services, please feel free to contact our office. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

Toll Free: 800-858-2752
Direct: 702-851-0505